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Bye-2015, We had a wonderful year!! Hey 2016, Wish a Better Year!!
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2015-11-10 | Browse number:

Time flies!! Here is coming the New Year--2016

The year of Monkey is coming, cheers!!

HikingLovers wishes you all Happy New Year and all the best for the new year

Good Fortune, Good Health, Good Luck, Good Money, Good Happiness, Good success, Good Love, Good Friendship, Everything Good!! ^^

Before the New Year coming, let's see what happened in 2015 with HikingLovers!!

A nice adventure at the beginning of 2015, hiked in the most beautiful snow forest. And also special experience that we crept through the small bamboo forest with snow!

It's a cold, hard hiking, but a wonderful trip!!

An Amazing hiking with the MOST BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS SEA!!!

The BEST Jumping!!!

You have to do it in your life --- Hiking and camping in the desert!!

Beautiful Spring was a great time for hiking, many wild flowers, rapeflowers, fresh air, good friends...

In May, first caples met in HikingLovers got married. A nice and funny Indian guy and a beautiful Chinese gal.

Hold your hand, Let's keep calm and hike on!! We adventure new life and the world together!

Also in May, we got our 2nd anniversary Party!! Who was drunken? who was drunken?? Hahahaha....

A nice grass mountain hiking, was raining the first which made the hiking so painful, but was great hiking for the second day. Amazing view with clouds^^

To get more professional and make the safest our trips, We joined the Hiking Leaders training organized by Chinese Mounteering Association!

Nothing is better than Kayaking in the Clearest lake and camping on a tiny island!! In June, not too hot, not too cold!!

Great Wall is always the most amazing place in China you have to go.

How about hiking and camping on the wild Great Wall?

Yeah, it's wonderful experience!!

For the hot summer, how to escape the hot Shanghai?

River Hiking!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Nature, River, canyon with mountains, swimming, jumpng and play in the water--that's the best things for summer.

Tibet--always a beautiful, myterious and special place attracted us! So just go to adventure it!!

Autumn is also a good season for hiking.

If you like our trips, welcome to join us in the NEW YEAR-2016

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Pre:[PAST]Hikinglovers Annual Party-Win Surprise Gifts and Free Hiking Trips!!

Next:HikingLovers Annual Party Pictures Show--Thanks for coming!

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