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HikingLovers Annual Party Pictures Show--Thanks for coming!
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-01-25 | Browse number:

Jan 16th Night at Limer Bar, HikingLovers had it's first big Annual party in the past three years.

(We always had a small dinner gathering in the past two years); Was Great to have around 10

ppl came and we had a wonderful nights together--drinking, talking, dancing, eatting sunflower

seeds competition, dressup wonderful and elegant, luck draw for free trips. 

Thanks for Limer Bar made us special cocktail for HikingLovers--Alps and Provance. ^^

Our wonderful photos wall showed us the amazing hiking trips in the 2015

Thanks for some swing dancing friends came for the dance show

Awesome, nice, elegant  dress-up ^^

The funny eatting sunflower seeds competition!!! Finally Chinese WON!! haha.. so far only met

Chinese and Spanish can eat sunflower seeds quite fast. Any other countries?? Let's keep the

competition next time! Haha..

Congratulations for 6 lucky guys won our Free trips for 2016. Let's adventure and have more fun

in the mountains of the new year!! Yeah...

Welcome to join us in 2016, let's have fun in Shanghai and have adventures in the mountains!

Make more friends from all of the world~ ^^


Pre:Bye-2015, We had a wonderful year!! Hey 2016, Wish a Better Year!!

Next:Xin'an River Hiking-Best Village with Rapeflowers! U Should Come!!

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