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Xin'an River Hiking-Best Village with Rapeflowers! U Should Come!!
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-02-06 | Browse number:

Why you should book this trip

- Hui-style village with beautiful mountains and full of rapeflowers in Spring

- Nature, hiking and fresh air

- New Hiking Friends from all of the world


ShiTan Village is located in Shexian County, An’hui Province. Surrounded with mountains and

 small rivers. Due to it’s inconvenient traffic, the village still keep it original and nature. It’s a

 wonderful place for photographing and hiking, especially when the season of Rape flowers!!

About the Trip

** Difficulty:  2 (Max is 7)

** Transportation:  
- Private bus from/to Shanghai

** Meetup Time/Point

- Meetup Time: Friday night 19:30

** Accommodations

- Local Guesthouse in sharing room (150RMB/ONE for two nights, the hot season for

 rapeflowers, a little bit more expensive than normally)

- Camping (Please bring your own camping gears or rent with us, 100RMB/double tent)

** Hiking Leaders:

- Hiking Leaders from HikingLovers Outdoor Club


Day 1

19:30 Private Van/Bus Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Exit 3/5

01:00 Arrival the guesthouse and sleep

Day 2

07:00 Get up and breakfast

07:30 Start hiking

10:00 Keep calm and hike on!

12:00 Find a nice place for Lunch

13:00 Keep calm and hike on, Nature is beautiful and fresh..

17:00 Arrived at the guesthouse, take a short rest

18:30 Time for dinner, local food

19:30 Enjoy the night and bonfire under the moon and stars or go to bed! haha..

Day 3

07:00 Get up and breakfast

08:00 Let’s go hiking

09:00 Keep calm and hike on!

12:00 Finish hiking and go for lunch ^^

13:30 Return back Shanghai

19:00 Arrival at Shanghai and see you all next time


Price: 600RMB (700RMB if less than 18 people)

Deposit: 300RMB should be paid at least 3 days in advance. 

(If book and paid deposit 20 days before the trip departure time can get  50RMB off, 10

 days before can get 20RMB off)

Payment Options:

- BOC/ICBC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

- Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English

 version and all the transfer are free)

- Cash on the door or delivery

Price included:

- All the transportation fees and driver’s allowances

- All the organizing fees and leaders’ allowances

- Entrance fee

- Local guide

- Utility equipment and first aid

- Outdoor insurance

- Saturday breakfast and dinner; Sunday’s breakfast and lunch

Price not included:

- Accomodations

- Alcoholic drinks

- Personal shopping and other cost not mentioned above


Hiking Shoes (Must Have)

- Clothes/Towel/Shower gel/Shampoo

One lunch on route for Saturday

- Sun-glasses/Sun-cream

- Headlight (optional, more convenient for the night, but we dont have to hike at night)

- Hiking Pole if you need

- Camping Gears if you choose to camp


How to book your hiking trip with HikingLovers?

1.Provide us your personal information for insurance

- Full Name

- Gender


- Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY)

- Passport Number or ID Number

- Phone Number

-Emergency contact name and phone number

2.Pay the deposit to confirm your seat

3.Please contact us via the following:

- WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

- Email:

- Skype: silver_liyin

- MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver)


- If you canceled BEFORE 3 DAYS of the departure time, all the deposit will   be refund.

- If you canceled WITHIN the LAST 3 DAYS of the departure time, no refund, but you can find

 someone to replace your seat

- HikingLovers has the right to adjust the schedule due to weather conditions and safety.


Considering that Outdoor hiking trips have some risks and the unexpected environmental

 changes or other uncertainties, the organizer will buy professional outdoor insurance for all

 the members before the trip and also will organize rescue of any emergency on site. All the

 participants need to follow the organization of the trip organizer/hiking

 leaders/coordinators/Local guide. Otherwise you should bear your own

 consequences caused by your mistakes. We hereby declare that the trip organizers will

 not have any joint liability of the unpredictable accidents caused by Environment or any

 accidents caused by the participants’ mistake during the hiking trips.


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