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Tuesday- Sports Night and Abseiling Teaching and Practice
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-02-06 | Browse number:

An abseil (means "to rope down"), also called a rappel, is a controlled descent of a vertical drop,

 such as a rock face, using a rope.

Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep or dangerous to descend without

 protection. Many climbers use this technique to protect established anchors from damage. 

Rope access technicians also use this as a method to access difficult-to-reach areas from

 above for various industrial applications like maintenance, construction, inspection and welding.

 Rescue teams are also known for using this method as a way to access injured or stranded victims.

When you know abseiling technique, then the adventure starts!! Like abseiling from the cliff,

 waterfall rappeling, cave explore ...

HikingLovers will organise some abseiling or cave explore this year, but before you join our

 events, we would like to can learn and practise this technique with us. 

HikingLovers will start this technique training and practise with Steven and Felicia from,  USA. They have over ten years caves explore experience in USA. Silver from

 HikingLovers also got trained by Chinese Mountaineering Association. So no matter if you are 

beginner, let's start to learn and adventure!!

So Let's date on each Wednesday night for sport and abseiling practise! 

About fees, the training will be totally free. But as abseilling need special equipments. So when

 we got more abesiling lovers and we will charge some membership fees for the equipments. At

 beginning , we have 1-2 sets of equipments can be used. 

(scan the QR in the picture to join our adventure group!)

Place: Hengyi Indoor Climbing (Line 8 Hongkou Football Stadium, exit 2, then walk about 300m)


Time: 20:00

Please contact us via the following:

- WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

- Email:

- Skype: silver_liyin

- MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver)


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