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{Blog} Amazing Hiking@Cattle Back Mt-The Best Clouds Sea&Sunrise
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-02-26 | Browse number:

It's already a long long time that I want to go to this amazing mountain for hiking-- Cattle Back

 Mountain, the peak is 3660m high and surrounded by many mountains which also included the

 highest mountain (Minya Konka) in Sichuan. It has the reputation of "360 degree largest viewing

 platform" and the most excellent photography point".

And finally I am here!!! ^^

Never forgot the wonderful hiking; 

Never forgot the best clouds sea; 

Never forgot the wonderful sunrise!!

Never forgot the amazing sky full of stars. (You should get up early to see the stars, picture took

 by others)

But also you will never forgot the suffering of hiking at high altitude; the pain of sleeping because

 of less oxygen; the coldness on the peak!! -.-

Dont worry, Now let me tell you our stories of this amazing hiking trip! :P

We had a great Chinese New Year Eve dinner with my family. (Best wishes for the monkey Year!)

Day 1: We took our flight on the first day of the new year!! Haha... Trip is on...

Day 2 When you came to Sichuan, you have to try the Sichuan Hotpot!! Dont be scared by the chili!!

After the hotpot, we took the bus go to the village at the bottom of the mountain. It's about 6

 hours driving from Chengdu. 

The village is about 1800m high. The guesthouse is quite simple, but luckily, the provide the

 warm blanket^^

Day 3 Time to go hiking, yeah!!

Hiking, hiking...

First time saw the Minya Konka Peak during the hiking ^^

after about 2 hours hiking, we reached a small guesthouse in the middle of the mountain, where

 also can see the amazing snow mountains!

And also we had the best fried rice here!!

That's amazing to have lunch in front of the snow mountains!! ^^

After lunch, still a long way to go!! Keep Calm and hike on!!

When it's getting high, the view also got better and can see many snow mountains! It's winter,

 but didnt have so many snow on the way~

Keep calm and Hike on!!

When it's getting higher, can see more snow here! ^^ I like snow!!

And also there are few small nice ice waterfall ^^

This is hiking in heaven? at least, eyes in the heaven!! very beautiful  ^^

The most dangerous road driving!! 

There is a small road which you can driving directly to the peak!!

But that looks really dangerous!!

Never thought I will take the car here! But finally we did ^^ 

Was a scary experience!! Wont suggest for it!!

(Was asked some drivers after the hiking, they do have some accidents happened here before)

After a long day hiking, almost reach the peak!!

And also it's getting more and more tired! But more and more beautiful ^^

Wow, finally got some more clouds ^^

Finally reached the Peak!! 

But too cloudy to have sunset!! T_T

But really amazing clouds sea!!

And the poorest toilet in front of the most amazing clouds sea and mountains!Hahaha...

As on the peak, only can make electricity by machine, so every night only 2-3hours can have

 electricity!! Remember to warm your bed and charge your phone during this time!!

First night sleep on the peak at 3660m high, we got a little bit headache during the sleep, which

 was a little bit hard!!

Day 4: Sunrise was at 8:30, but heard if you wanna see the amazing stars, need to get up at

 around 5am. Before the mid-night, the clouds are too thick, cant see stars, but after midnight,

 will have more chances to see the stars. (Picture was took by another guy we met during the

 trip), we didnt get up so early. 

People were waiting for sunrise ^^

Really amazing clouds here

When the sun was getting out, the sunshine flashed on the snow mountain, which made the

 most beautiful "golden snow mountain"

Afther the sunrise, still a great visiting around and photographying time!

After a short visiting, we took the car down!!

Someone got a little bit altitude sick and we got a big backpacks!!

But dont suggest for car down, toooooo dangerous!!! 

So cared one hour!!!

And in fact, it's a great morning for hiking down , hiking above the clouds!

Drived half an hour, we took a short rest and i got my favorite pictures!!

Keep driving car down!!


Took a rest again, another car stopped in front

Last time to see the snow mountain

Byebye--I will come back again! ^^

We will organize hiking trip to here soon. Please follow or contact us to get updated!

About HikingLovers

HikingLovers Outdoor Club was founded May 24, 2013 by a super hikinglover-Silver who

 enjoyed a lot of hiking in the nature! HikingLovers now turned to be a hiking club organized

 hiking for foreigners and English Speaking ppl living in Shanghai.We want to make the

 mixculture of “West meets East” . We have a group of energetic hikinglovers working as full-

 time/parttime hiking learders from different countries. And our hiking leaders joined Chinese

 Mountaineering Association's professional outdoor training and first aid training.

So join us to adventure the nature and challenge yourself;

HikingLovers -- West Meets East; Keep Calm and Hike on!

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