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Cattle Back Mountain-The best Clouds Sea&Snow Mountains
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-02-26 | Browse number:

{This trip need to ask for one day leave!! Totally 4 days!!}

Why you should book this trip

- 360 degree Asia's Largest Viewing Platform

- The Excellent Holy Land for  Photography

- The amazing Clouds Sea EVEN!!

- The BEST sunrise EVEN!!

- The BEST hiking with suffering!!!

- Nature, hiking and peaceful

- New Hiking Friends from all of the world


Cattle Back Mountain is located at the junction of  Yingjing County and Luding County, Ya'an

 City, Sichuan Province. It belongs to the Erlang Mountain Branch and it's the watershed of

 Qingyi River and Dadu River. The peak of CattleBack Mountain is 3660m altitude. It's

 surrounded by the protruding in the center of the unique geographical location, and it's

 crowned as the Largest Viewing Platform in China and the excellent holy land for photography. 

Cattle Back Mountain has it's 6 unique features!!

** Unique 1 : the Clouds Sea of the Cattle Back Mountain

Because of the unique geographical location on the peak. Cattle Back Mountain has its unique

 clouds, dense and uniform; Sometimes gentle, Sometimes choppy, Sometimes poured down

 from the ridge; And the specacular cloud waterfall make people have the feeling of steeping in

 the air, like the immortal gods. 

** Unique 2 : the Amazing Sunset of the Cattle Back Mountain

As the weather is getting dark gradually, the sun is sinking. And while the sun is sinking, the

 horizon is turning into blood red. Also the roll clouds is rendering more briliant. 

** Unique 3 : the Excellent Sunrise of the Cattle Back Mountain

When sunrise, the unexpected beauty apprears in the mysterious cloud. The Foggy clouds, The

 blue mountain, layers upon layers, Graceful soft yarn which makes the excellent sunrise.

** Unique 4 : Far View of Minya Konka Snow Mountain 

Minya Konka is the King Mountain in Sichuan which the peak is 7556m altitude. It's located in

 the west of Cattle Back Mountain. So from the peak of CattleBack Mountain, we can watch the

 panorama of the Minya Konka. 

** Unique 5 : Can also watch the rare "light of Buddha", need really luck!

** Unique 6 : Can watch the orbit of stars 

About the Trip

** Difficulty:  level 4 if light loaded, level 5 if heavy loaded (Max is 7 levels)

** Transportation:  
- Flight or Train to Chengdu

- Private bus in Sichuan

** Meetup Time/Point

- Meetup Time: departure from Chengdu around 12:00 April 2nd Saturday

- Meetup Place: Airport or Will decide according to most ppl's flight time

** Accommodations

- Day 1 Apr 2nd : Guesthouse at the bottom of the village, altitude is about 2000m 

- Day 2 Apr 3rd : Guesthouse on the peak or Camping on the peak, altitude isabout 3660m

 (Need to bring your own camping gears with a good sleeping bag, high altitude will be cold)

- Day 3 Apr 4th : Guesthouse at the village nearby Hailougou Valley, can have hotspring at night

** Hiking Leaders:

- Hiking Leaders from HikingLovers Outdoor Club


Day 1 April 2nd 

  1. Meetup and depature around 12:00 (According to participators' flight, might change a little

     bit, but wont be later than 12:00, need about 6 hours driving, little bit longer if got traffic


  2. Meetup Place: Airport or Will decide according to most ppl's flight time

Day 2 April 3rd

07:00 Get up and breakfast

08:00 Start hiking; Amazing day starts!!

10:00 Keep calm and hike on!

12:00 Reach the guesthouse at half way (Can buy water, convient noodles or fried rice)

12:30 Let's keep hiking and it's getting more amazing ^^

14:00 Keep calm and hike on, Nature is beautiful and fresh..

18:00 Hope we will arrive at the Peak, if not, keep calm and hike on!! ^^

19:00 Time for dinner, simple local food on the peak (Fried chicken and vegtable soup)

20:00 Enjoy the night in the bed? ^^ if sky is clear, can see many stars (If cant before sleep, then

 should get up around 5am to see stars)

Day 3 April 4th

07:30 Get up for breakfast and packing

08:20 About 5 mins walking to the sunrise point

08:30 Normally sunrise at 08:30, ready your camera and pose!! ^^

09:00 Let's hike down above the amazing clouds

12:00 Having lunch at the same place at yesterday ^^ fried rice again? :P

15:00 Hopefully everyone got down at this time and then go for a good meal!

16:30 Driving to the next village for the night, about 20km away

17:30 After checked in, can go to the hotpring (Hailuogou Valley has the most amazing hotspring)

Day 4 April 5th

07:00 Get up and ready to go back(need about 6-7 hours driving, little bit longer if have traffic

 jam, please book the return flight after 5pm)

It's a long driving, but driving in Sichuan wont be boring. Always good viewing outside the bus. ^^

Here you can check our blog of previous trip:


Price: Calculating

Deposit: 500RMB should be paid at least 7 days in advance. 

(If book and paid deposit 30 days before the trip departure time can get  100RMB off, 20

 days before can get 50RMB off)

Payment Options:

- BOC/ICBC Bank Transfer/ ATM transfer

- Alipay / WeChat transfer (Easy online way for payment in China, WeChat also has English

 version and all the transfer are free)

- Cash on the door or delivery

Price included:

- All the transportation fees and driver’s allowances in Sichuan

- All the organizing fees and leaders’ allowances

- Local guide

- Utility equipment and first aid

- Outdoor insurance

- Day 1's dinner; Day 2's breakfast and dinner; Day 3's breakfast and dinner (easy and simple

 food while on the peak)

Price not included:

- Flight or train between Shanghai and Chengdu

- Accomodations (About 100RMB/ONE in sharing room)

- Alcoholic drinks

- Hotspring 

- Car from the bottom to the peak (Dont suggest, quite risky)

- Personal shopping and other cost not mentioned above


Hiking Shoes (Must Have)

- Clothes/Towel/Shower gel/Shampoo

Two lunch on route for two days hiking (Can buy on the way, bring some in case sold out)

- Sun-glasses/Sun-cream

- Headlight (must have, only 2-3 hours electricity at night)

- Hiking Pole if you need (Suggested)

- Camping Gears if you choose to camp


How to book your hiking trip with HikingLovers?

1.Provide us your personal information for insurance

- Full Name

- Gender


- Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY)

- Passport Number or ID Number

- Phone Number

-Emergency contact name and phone number

2.Pay the deposit to confirm your seat

3.Please contact us via the following:

- WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

- Email:

- Skype: silver_liyin

- MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver)


- If you canceled BEFORE 7 DAYS of the departure time, all the deposit will   be refund.

- If you canceled WITHIN the LAST 7 DAYS of the departure time, no refund, but you can find

 someone to replace your seat

- HikingLovers has the right to adjust the schedule due to weather conditions and safety.


Considering that Outdoor hiking trips have some risks and the unexpected environmental

 changes or other uncertainties, the organizer will buy professional outdoor insurance for all

 the members before the trip and also will organize rescue of any emergency on site. All the

 participants need to follow the organization of the trip organizer/hiking

 leaders/coordinators/Local guide. Otherwise you should bear your own

 consequences caused by your mistakes. We hereby declare that the trip organizers will

 not have any joint liability of the unpredictable accidents caused by Environment or any

 accidents caused by the participants’ mistake during the hiking trips.

About HikingLovers

HikingLovers Outdoor Club was founded May 24, 2013 by a super hikinglover-Silver who

 enjoyed a lot of hiking in the nature! HikingLovers now turned to be a hiking club organized

 hiking for foreigners and English Speaking ppl living in Shanghai.We want to make the

 mixculture of “West meets East” . We have a group of energetic hikinglovers working as full-

 time/parttime hiking learders from different countries. And our hiking leaders joined Chinese

 Mountaineering Association's professional outdoor training and first aid training.

So join us to adventure the nature and challenge yourself;

HikingLovers -- West Meets East; Keep Calm and Hike on!

Scan the following QR to follow us to get more upcoming events with

HikingLovers to enjoy and adventure life!


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