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HikingLovers Joined & Graduated of WAFA (Wildness Advanced First Aid)
Source:绚途体育发展(上海)有限公司/HikingLovers Outdoor Club | Date:2016-08-29 | Browse number:

HikingLovers was founded May 2013

At beginning we joined the First Aid of Red Crossing Association. 

After 3 years, we did so many hiking trips

And we are planing to do more adventure trips which we thought a more advanced first aid training is required. 

So the organiser Silver joined the professional wildness first aid training and learned a lot useful skills.

We hope in the future, more and more ppl can know the basic first aid and control the outdoor risk


Thanks for the Wilderness Medical Associates for the 4-DAYS WFAF class. 

Thanks for the 3 teachers gave the awesome training with many practices. 

Thanks for all students , we studied together and acted as patients for others to practices. It was fun actually!!

HikingLovers, We do what we love and be professional. 

HikingLovers, When West Meets East, Keep Calm & Hike On!


Pre:Happy Chinese New Year from HikingLovers Outdoor Club

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